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AquaLot. Professional aquarium software.

AquaLot is the leading professional aquarium software. It can record and quickly manage all events and processes associated with your aquarium. The programme is designed for all aquarists. It is suitable for all levels of user from those with only one aquarium at home to breeders with several breeding and show tanks

The Programme

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Stock Management

You can make detailed records of your stock. This aquarium programme provides a flexible application to make exact records of all items' quantity, quality, costs, sizes, sources of supply etc. The entered data automatically creates a stock history - providing detailed records of the development of all species in your aquarium. You can retrieve, modify or delete data of any day or restore an earlier back up date within the stock history.

Stock Management
Tool tips for each Action
Add filter
Tank configuration
Stock Management
Rollback action
Add image
Stock history

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AquaLot provides two types of "events" - "automatic" and "manual". "Automatic" events are generated by the system, e.g. in case the stock pool has changed. "Manual" events such as recording of water values, filter cleaning, water change etc. are entered by the user. "Events" not only show total processes but are used by the software to generate statistics. The event tree can be listed either by "date" or "type of event". You can define your own custom event.

Sort events by date
Sort events by type
Record water values

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Dates and Tasks

The organizer will note important tasks such as "next filter cleaning" or "water change", etc. In case a specified date is missed, an alert will be activated. The programme will remind you of all dates and tasks to be met. You can also define recurring tasks.

Alarm function

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Income and expenses

The program holds all incomes and expenses related to your hobby


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Statistics is a time-referenced analysis of all important parameters: changing of water values, the regularity of water change and its volume, electrical power consumption and any costs. All of this is calculated and displayed as tables and graphs.

Statistics: water values
Statistics: water change
Statistics power

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Create your own descriptions of various species with detailed information about water values, the habitat and size of your animals or plants and the suitability of tanks. You can add photos and comments to your descriptions. The system can filter your information to display the required information on habitats (e.g. Lake Malawi or Lake Tanganyika). You can search the data base for "species" compatible with your tank by names or specific characteristics such as fish or tank size.

Species Menu
Choose ater values
Write description
Get original foto
Search species

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Enter the contact details of traders, breeders or fair addresses in your directory. The addresses can be displayed either as a table or card index. In addition to searching names and addresses, the search function makes it possible to find specific examples in telephone directories or on web sites. Once the addresses have been entered, they are automatically available under "stock". Therefore you will always be well informed about the buyers or suppliers of your "favourites". A mouse click is enough to contact the desired person.


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