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Frequently asked questions about AquaLot (F.A.Q.)


In spite of thorough checks and various tests, some errors can still occur due to the complexity of the programme and cannot be excluded. In case you state an error, please make sure you use the latest version of the programme. This error is most likely to have already been fixed. Otherwise we kindly ask you to send a problem report to the following email address: . Please describe in e-mail how this error occurred. We would like encourage you to take a look at How to Report Bugs Effectively, before you log any new bug report.


Question: Where can I order the programme?
Answer: At the moment, the programme AquaLot is only available on internet. Click here for information all around ordering.

Question: How long is the shipping period?
Answer: The aquarium software AquaLot is a shareware programme. You can anytime download the latest version of the programme for free on our homepage. A registration key is generated upon the receipt of complete registration data and sent to you by email on the same day or on the first working day after receipt of payment at the latest.

Question: I have a registered version of the aquarium software AquaLot and would like to order the AquaLot Malawi Edition.
Answer: All registered users can buy the AquaLot Malawi Edition at half-price. Contact us and get information how to order the programme at a discount of 50%.


Question: What happens if I have lost my registration data?
Answer: No problem. A new registration key will be generated for you.

Update to a new version

Question: I would like to install a newer version of the aquarium software. How can I import my old data into the new version?
Answer: Since version 2.0, you can install the new version over the old version. The data is not lost.

General Questions

Question: How many tanks can be managed by means of AquaLot?
Answer: By means of the Professional and Malawi Edition you can manage an unlimited number of tanks and species without limitation. The Standard Edition can manage only one aquarium.

Question: I am not able to find my stock fish type in the database of ornamental fish. What can I do?
Answer: Unfortunately, it is impossible to record all types in the fish database. However, you can enter the missing species in the database yourself and create a description with all data and images.

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